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Oregon Orchard® Product Changes

Confectionary Line HGO

Following the launch of our new seasoned and baking products we re-evaluated the entire Oregon Orchard offering. This process known as “SKU rationalization” can be challenging due to our brand’s history and the number of operators in the supply chain. One example is the many different label and packaging types used across the product line. […]

Grower Corner October 2019

Please note that an updated receiving station map was mailed on 9/13/19. It added a transfer station in the McMinnville area, removed Missouri Ridge as a wash station as they will not be operational in time and updated contact information for Lindsey Family Farm. A copy of the updated map is available on Initial […]

October 2019 Letter From COO Greg Thorsgard

Dear Grower, I’ve been here six months now and boy, have I learned a lot about the hazelnut business!   Things are getting busier and we’re in the throes of harvest season.  We are excited to see what the approximately 180 farms we service will produce with it being a “biennial year” and orchards providing less […]

Adding Value to the Hazelnut Harvest


If you know anyone involved in the Oregon Hazelnut scene, you know the harvest is coming. Growers work year-round to ensure a healthy crop and abundant harvest, and Hazelnut Growers of Oregon is fully and uniquely prepared to add value to the lives of their growers. As a farmer-owned co-op, the job of Hazelnut Growers […]

New Roasted & Seasoned Hazelnuts

New Hazelnut Products

Celebrate this year’s harvest with five new seasoned hazelnut items available to ship to the retail channel this month!  These bold and exciting flavors include Sweet & Spicy Barbecue, Rosemary, Cinnamon Sugar, Himalayan Salt and Southwest Chili Pepper. Why this hot, sweet and savory offering?  According to Food Business News, “There’s (been) a 33% increase […]

Grower Insight: Brenda Frketich Talks About Innovations at Kirsch Family Farms

I consider the hazelnut industry as a whole to be innovative.  At Kirsch Family Farms, what we are doing might not be particularly “innovative” when compared to the neighbor, but it is different than when we first started in the ‘90s.   Our first plantings were all dryland and our newer plantings are all drip […]

Grower Corner September 2019

A quick Q & A with Ryan Flaherty and Jim Goodpasture of Goodpasture Farms in Vida, Oregon. How long have you been growing hazelnuts? JG: The first orchard was planted in 1923. I grew up on the farm. Is your farm multi-generational? JG: Yes. My children are 4th generation, my grandchildren are 5th generation. My […]

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

A SWEET AUTUMN TREAT Fall is upon us and so are our much-anticipated holiday treats!  Try making a new favorite this year with this decadent Chocolate-Hazelnut Tart recipe.  Perfect for a late afternoon snack or dessert following your favorite meal, this is the perfect mix of gooey-crunchy goodness that could be your next “must have” […]

Wash-Plant Sample Process Update

Wash Plant Update

AS THE SEASON IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING, HGO HAS BEEN WORKING HARD ON IMPROVING AND STREAMLINING THE GROWER SAMPLE PROGRAM. This includes the establishment of a strict chain of custody from wash-plant to testing lab, validation of the scales used, dedicated sample runners, and a dedicated team for sample drying. To improve the accountability with each […]

Summer 2019 Grower’s BBQ a Great Success

Grower BBQ

We enjoyed seeing you all at the Summer 2019 Grower’s BBQ. For those that were unable to attend, below are a few key updates: The Grower Guide booklet includes valuable information regarding HGO’s operational processing flow, our current receiving stations, and several articles pertaining to this year’s harvest such as sampling strategies, the delivery report, […]