Oregon Orchard® Website Gets a New Look

New Oregon Orchard Website

New Oregon Orchard WebsiteWith the release of the new Oregon Orchard® brand is an updated website! Thanks to the combined efforts of the Wilco/HGO Marketing teams and Portland Web Design, the oregonorchard.com site now features the new logo and packaging designs far better than the previous website. While the website debuted its new look in August, it will undergo several modifications and refinements in tandem with the product changes expected for this holiday season.

The new oregonorchard.com website was designed to be dynamic and feature fresh content such as recent product launches, new hazelnut recipes, HGO news feeds, social media linkages and web-store updates. Incidentally, the website you see today might end up looking slightly different in the upcoming months. The home page will reflect what HGO’s sales team is presenting to the marketplace in order to remain consistent with what customers and consumers expect to find when researching our brand.

Some of the changes include the removal of discontinued products, legacy packaging that reflects the old logo, and any other products that are only sold locally in the Pacific Northwest. This will allow brand continuity for the 13 new items that are being launched this year. There are also plans to create a blog section that will solicit feedback on new recipe ideas and help generate dialogue with online visitors. Additionally, it will be a beacon for promoting events in our HGO Marketplace store where plans are being made to cross-promote with local food manufacturers that pair well with hazelnuts (e.g., wineries, cheese makers, and bakeries.)

Be sure to bookmark and follow the new website! Also, don’t forget to visit and stay informed with our Facebook and Instagram pages!